A girl stood with a weary heart In front of a man who held a knife She shed tears and whimpered slowly: “Why do you want to take my life? Do not silence my moon and sun I have goals to reach in my mind I want to fall in love and have a child Why in this war you are all blind?” The man fondled her neck with his knife And the knife whispered in her thought: “I have no choice but to pass through your necklace for your head. His tribe swore an oath: They believe your blood is a bridge That flies them from this earth to paradise I do not know where that place is Yet for flying there, his Lord needs sacrifice” The girl shed tears and said: "My Lord never asks for my pain. This blood is mine and it is not for sale. If he is a believer why am I in chains? My Lord never tortures His creatures And a painter does not destroy his paint This fanaticism, I cannot believe With my head he cannot be a saint. Paradise is so near and so far. By decapitating, no one shall fly there. Many heads have slept on this land, Yet he praises God in his prayer I shall pass the bridge of heavens before he knows And so will others in this world Yet he and his tribe can never step In the paradise of our Lord” by Shima Nesari Haghighi Fard Shima Nesari Haghighi Fard was born on 11 July 1984, at Tehran the capital city of Iran. Shima’s Short fictions and poems are submitted and published in newspapers and websites. Shima’s first poetry book “Dance of the Wind” was published in Summer 2012.